Diagnostic Tests & Procedures
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Carotid and Peripheral Arterial Disease

Doctor and PatientCholesterol blockages or atherosclerosis can occur in all arteries of the body. The presence of these blockages put patients at risk for heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, high blood pressure and other circulatory problems. The non-invasive evaluation for these problems can range from simple tests to more sophisticated ultrasound and CT imaging techniques. Depending on the results of these tests and your evaluation, you may need to go on to an invasive procedure

Over the past several years, physician members of our practice have acquired special expertise in Peripheral Arterial Disease and we have introduced unique non-invasive imaging testing to diagnose blockages wherever they occur as well as the experience to choose the best therapy for PAD patients. In our Providence office, we offer a comprehensive evaluation through our vascular clinic. This dedicated clinic, with physicians specializing in vascular medicine, guides you through an appropriate and thoughtful diagnostic workup in a single setting. By working in this way, we offer a unique level of convenience and expertise.

PAD is often divided into three major categories:

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