Diagnostic Tests & Procedures
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Holters and Event Monitors

Many of our patients experience symptoms of lightheadedness, dizziness, rapid beating sensations or fainting spells which could be a sign of a heart rhythm abnormality. Depending on the symptoms, some patients will benefit from a test that monitors and records the rhythm of the heart. The goal is to match the patient’s heart rhythm with their symptoms to better direct treatment. Technology allows for us to continually monitor the heart in a painless and non-intrusive manner. Some patients will be given the monitor for one to two days, while others may be asked to wear it for up to 30 days. The information stored in the monitor will be accessed and a full report is given to your doctor.

What to expect:

After meeting with your doctor, you will be scheduled for an in-office visit to receive your monitor.  A nurse will explain the use of the monitor and apply the adhesive electrodes to the chest. You will be given full instructions as to the care and function of the monitor. We encourage you to ask question at this time. You may be asked to transmit information from the monitor over a telephone line during the monitoring period. This will be made clear at the time of your visit. When you have completed the test, simply return the device to office location where it was first received.

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