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PAD Services at CARI

Doctor taking patient's blood pressureCARI has a vascular clinic in our Providence office, which is staffed by physicians who have special expertise in PAD and who have access to ALL of the imaging modalities useful in the evaluation of PAD – Duplex, CTA and MRA. We offer comprehensive consultation and because of the unique availability of ALL imaging modalities it is usually possible for a patient to complete their evaluation with a recommendation for therapy on the first visit.

Peripheral vascular medicine is a natural extension of our focus on CAD. Patients with CAD often have co-existent peripheral arterial disease (PAD). For example, the presence of PAD in any vascular bed increases the patient’s risk of a cardiac or cerebral event by more than four times. Often their morbidity and mortality is cardiac. By addressing their peripheral vascular issues, we can improve their ability to engage more fully in cardiac risk factor modification but also reduce their risk of stroke, renal disease, and other serious cardiovascular co-morbidities. This approach is endorsed by a multi-specialty collaborative making the diagnosis and treatment of vascular disease a national priority.

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